Akuport M2

Akuport M2

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The portable device for testing and measuring has a large indicator instrument and digital difference display. The ideal companion for use in the practice and on the go.

The individual skin calibration and the option of oral current measurement of the Akuport M2 provide the beginner as well as the experienced therapist with optimal measurement conditions for comfortable EAV.



  • Measurements according to the standards of EAV (electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll)
  • Means testing: Testing of products, incompatibilities, site loads, materials, etc.
  • Optional: Oral current measurement for the detection of external potentials in the oral cavity

Akuport M2 features:

  • EAV measuring system according to official standards of the IMGEAV (International Medical Society for Electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll)
  • Large clear indicator instrument
  • Digital display of the indicator drop
  • Ergonomically shaped point probe with spring-loaded, pressure-compensated and replaceable measuring tip
  • "OPTO-Point” optical point search device with individual skin moisture compensation
  • Large test honeycomb with different hole sizes
  • Acoustic measurement support through adjustable tone
  • Spread of the scale (TP controller)
  • Built-in, high-performance rechargeable battery for at least 40 hours of operating time
  • Automatic charging device
  • PC connection for working with the Homeopath® software

Special supplementary options:


Scope of delivery:

What the Akuport M2 offers:

  • 2 hand electrods, brass
  • 2 measuring wires for hand electrode (red, black)
  • Stylus
  • 4 slot measuring tips
  • Ball measuring tip
  • Honeycomp Ø 10 cm
  • Line for honeycomb
  • Automatic-charger
  • Operating instructions

With these standard accessories, the unit is ready for immediate use.
Dimensions: 21 x 9 x 13 cm (W x H xD)
Weight: approx. 1,000 g

Possible combinations

Software HOMOPATH®

Software HOMOPATH®


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Bioresonance and electroacupuncture, like homeopathy and acupuncture, belong to the field of regulative medicine. These are alternative medical procedures that are not the subject of scientific research and are therefore not recognised by conventional medicine. We would like to point out that alternative medical procedures are not a substitute for conventional medicine!

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