Additional information on the Vistron

The Vistron is an electroacupuncture device with measuring and stimulation unit for biosymmetrical function testing of electroacupuncture according to Dr. Voll. The laptop-like shape of the housing makes the Vistron easy to transport, and the foldable display enables optimal positioning at the workplace. Operation is via a medical power pack, approved according to EN 60601-1, or optionally via a 12 V rechargeable battery. The medical power pack is also used to charge the battery.

The measurements of the acupuncture points are displayed analogously on the large light band display as a bar or dot (energy-saving). The measuring scale is divided into 0–100 graduations, with standard value ranges of 50–70 for points and 80–90 for hand measurements and marked accordingly.


The measurement can be performed via an automatic mechanism that displays the maximum value and the indicator drop, or manually. An integrated measuring honeycomb that can be disconnected or removed enables mean testing.

The localisation of the acupuncture points is carried out on the LED light band in the measuring probe by means of differential measurement to a previously saved one.

The button in the point probe can be used to conveniently switch from diagnosis to therapy.
Three types of pulse are available as therapy:

Skin zero value. Of the 9-digit LED band, six LEDs are yellow and three are green. Depending on the height of the display, you move to the point (yellow area) or have localised it in the green area. Analogous to the display, an acoustic signal sounds, whereby the tone pitch varies depending on the measured value.

The measuring tips of the point probe are not spring-loaded, but are replaceable.

The button in the point probe can be used to conveniently switch from diagnosis to therapy.

Three types of pulse are available as therapy:

  • Alternating tilt vibration
  • Positive tilt vibration
  • Negative tilt vibration
Sonde Stecker

The therapy voltage is obtained from the low operating voltage by stepping up. The desired level of amplitude can be set with a control.

Safety-related isolation from the lighting mains is provided by the medical power pack in accordance with DIN EN ISO 60601-1. As an option, operation via a 12 V rechargeable battery is also possible. The operating buttons for diagnosis (left in blue) and therapy (right in yellow) are located in the control panel. Between these is the therapy intensity regulator. Switching on and off is done via the green button at the bottom right. The Vistron switches off automatically after 20 minutes of non-use.

In the modern display, which can be optimally adjusted to your optimal viewing angle, the operating states are shown using symbols: operating functions are in white and variable functions are in yellow.

The battery status is displayed on a 6-digit light band, depending on the charge capacity. A 10-digit luminous band displays the intensity.

Vistron schräg Wabe

The connections for accessories are located on the back: the accessories include point probe, hand electrodes and external test honeycombs. The socket for the A/D converter (computer connection), the volume control and the power supply socket are also located there.

The integrated overshoot function serves as an amplifier for homeopathic test substances. Time and amplification are fixed.

Possible combinations

Vistron D-tec

Vistron with Potentiator Akuport D-tec


Sonde Stecker

Ergonomically shaped stylus


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Bioresonance and electroacupuncture, like homeopathy and acupuncture, belong to the field of regulative medicine. These are alternative medical procedures that are not the subject of scientific research and are therefore not recognised by conventional medicine. We would like to point out that alternative medical procedures are not a substitute for conventional medicine!

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