Kindling EASY

Kindling EASY


Self-calibrating bioresonance device completely without point measurement and without tensor. The Kindling EASY is a self-calibrating measuring device for daily use in systemic functional bioresonance.

The systemic functional approach is derived from the requirement that an increasingly large proportion of practitioners complain about their clients' disorders that fall through the cracks of classical orthodox medical diagnostics.

Kindling EASY recalibrates every two minutes. This means the client receives an up-to-date bioresonance treatment that is constantly checked, which closely adapts to the regulatory needs of his/her body and guarantees error-free application parameters "independent of the operator".

Paed.Dr. Uwe Flink ( has specialised in working with Kindling
EASY in his practice and offers individual therapeutic support for all applications with
Kindling EASY.

Kindling Easy

The advantages at a glance

  • During the bioresonance treatment, the Kindling EASY automatically self-calibrates every two minutes. The client receives an up-to-date, individual bioresonance treatment that is tested again and again and is closely adapted to the regulatory needs of his/her body.
  • Complex bioresonance processes are automated, and the end result is visualised immediately and comprehensibly. The result: high level of client acceptance.
  • The operator receives a graphical representation of the progress at the end of the session. This allows the operator to discuss the results and measures together with the client.
  • In today's health system, efficient workflows are urgently needed due to permanent cost-cutting measures. The bioresonance is carried out independently, using only one button and the pictorial representation.
  • The application is timesaving and 100% delegable.
Zeitersparnis Kindling Easy

Kindling EASY features:

  • "Real" 2-channel technique for simultaneous endogenous and exogenous bioresonance.
  • An treatment that is automated and yet individually tailored to the client
  • Recurring self-calibration
  • Simple measuring technique (hand-hand measurement)
  • Operator-independent measurement
  • Complex bioresonance processes have been automated
  • Intuitive application (very good for delegation)
  • Graphic representation of the treatment process
  • 66% time saving compared to manual bioresonance

Scope of delivery:

What the Kindling Easy offers:

  • 1 pair of hand electrodes, gold plated
  • 1 pair of wrist electrodes
  • 1 flexible electrode
  • 2 glas beakers, 50 ml
  • 1 measing wire
  • 1 pair of Retec wires
  • 1 Retec wire
  • 2 EASY lids
  • Power supply
  • Operation manual

With these standard accessories, the unit is ready for immediate use.
Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 28 cm (W x H xD)
Weight: approx. 1,000 g

Uwe Uellendahl


Paed.Dr. Uwe Flink
Heilpraktiker & Dipl. Sportl.

Kindling-EASY Therapeutic Support


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Bioresonance and electroacupuncture, like homeopathy and acupuncture, belong to the field of regulative medicine. These are alternative medical procedures that are not the subject of scientific research and are therefore not recognised by conventional medicine. We would like to point out that alternative medical procedures are not a substitute for conventional medicine!

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