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Company History


1956 Marie-Luise Kindling
founded the company in Hannover

1956 Nervenpunktdetektor 1
for point localisation

1959 Nervenpunktdetektor 2
with measurement display

1966 Nervenpunktdetektor 3
with measurement display and therapy unit

1972 Nervenpunktdetektor 4
the first battery powered EAV device

1978 Nervenpunktdetektor 4B
Transistorized EAV device

1980 Transition of the Kindling Company to
Kindling GmbH located in Hildesheim
Owner and Managing Director: Franz Schulz

1980 Akuport M
EAV travelling device

1983 Kindling 2000
Comfortable EAV device with pressure reading

1985 Computer-aided EAV
with the software ELADI (MS-DOS)
and HOMOPATH Drs. Rossmann / Mayer (ATARI)

1987 Presentation of the EAV devices to Dr. Voll

1988 Admission
into the Int. Ärztegesellschaft für EAV
by president Dr. Fehrenbach

1990 Software ELADI MT with medicine testing

1993 Presentation of the RETEC therapy (Bioresonance)
through the device RETEC 2000

1994 EAV-Combi 2
replaces the Nervenpunktdetektor 4B

Software with virtually medicine testing

1996 Software HOMOPATH Drs. Rossmann / Mayer
as Windows version

1996 Computer-aided EAV-System-Diagnostic
with Kindling 2000 and Retec 2000

1997 RETEC 3000 Computergesteuerte,
2 Kanal multiplex, Resonanztherapie

1998 Relocation to Gropiusstrasse
extension of the production

1999 Cooperation with MBA GmbH
for sales and service in Germany

1999 First Certification acc. to ISO-Norm 9000

2000 Akuport
Plug-and-Play system M1, MT and MR

2002 The new EAV-Combi-2

2003 Kindling 2000s
updated version in modern design

2003 Curator
device for light therapy acc. to Global Scaling
in cooperation with the I.R.E.F.

2004 Retec 2000c
Compact device with new software

2004 USB technology for software

2005 Certification acc. to Medical Devices - Quality Management Systems
EN ISO 13485

2005 Company anniversary
25 years Kindling in Hildesheim

2007 Akuport MR2
successor of the Akuport MR

2008 Change of management
to Dipl.-Des. Kerstin Abrams und Dipl.-Ing. Eduard Abrams

2008 Canadian Certification
CAN/CSA ISO 13485:2003

2009 Vistron
the new generation of EAV devices

2011 Akuport D-tec

2015 Kindling EASY
self-calibrating bioresonance device