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Data Protection


General Terms and Conditions


§ General
The following conditions apply exclusively for our sales.
Purchase conditions of our customers do not establish
obligations on our part, even if we do not explicitly refuse
them. If our shipment is accepted, then our sales and
payment conditions are considered recognised.

§ Offers
Our offers are non-binding. Incoming orders are only
binding on your receipt of confirmation. This also applies
to oral agreements and declarations of any kind.

§ Orders
All orders and any modifications to them are to be sent
to us in written form.

§ Delivery
Delivery is strictly ex-works; shipping and packaging will
be made according to our best judgement.

§ Complaints
Complaints must be sent to us in writing within 30 days
of the date of delivery.

§ Packaging
Packaging will be billed at cost.

§ Payment
Our invoices are payable within eight days of receipt of
invoice. The invoices are payable net, without any
discount for prompt payment or other deductions, to
the extent that nothing to the contrary is marked on the
invoice. In the event that payment is not rendered
promptly, we reserve the right to bill for default interest
and the costs of bank credit. We also reserve the right
to process orders from new customers or customers with
a poor payment history on a pre-payment basis only.

§ Reservation of Title
The delivered goods remain our property until paid for
in full. If the goods are sold before this, the resulting
claim is deemed ceded to us. If proceeds are received
for the claim, these are to be transferred to us.

§ Place of Fulfilment and Court of Jurisdiction
The place of fulfilment for delivery and payment is
Hildesheim. The Court of Jurisdiction for both parties
is the District Court of Hildesheim, Germany.