Accessories for Electroacupuncture

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Akuport D-tec
Modular supplement to produce electronic potencies. The Akuport D-tec works in combination with other devices for bioenergetic methods - as stand-alone-version with the Vistron and Retec 2000CP or with the Akuport MR2 by plug&play system.

Quadrant switch for sector measurement. You can choose up to 7 sections of measurements optionally manually or automatically controllable.
Combinable to every Kindling EAV devices.


Hand elektrodes, brass, 1 pair

Hand elektrode, silver

Foot electrodes, brass
1 pair, ca. 25 x 13 cm

Forehead electrode

Roller electrode

Rubber electrodes, 1 pair, ca. 10 x 10 cm

Face roller

Dental electrode

Dental electrodes, 1 pair with wire

Honeycombs and test plates for ampoules 

Honeycomb, 6-hole, Ø 5cm

Honeycomb, 16-hole, Ø 10cm

Connection plug for honeycombs

Test plate for single ampoules

Test plate for 10 ampoules


Stylus for M1+

Stylus for M2

Stylus for Combi-2

Stylus for Vistron

Stylus for K2000

Measuring tips 

4-slice tip, brass
for Vistron

4-slice tip, brass

Ball tip, brass

Low-Pressure tip, brass

4-slice tip, silver

Ball tip, silver

Low-Pressure tip, silver


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Power supplies and Charger 

Information concerning power supplies and rechargers can only be provided if you give the device’s number, since these are especially designed and constructed for the individual devices. Please contact us.
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Other accessories 

Si-Adapter (adapter for safety plug) for electrodes and honeycombs
per color (red, black)

Quadrant switch

Earthing strap, 1,5m

** All illustrations are shown in the best possible quality. The relative size ratios of the objects shown do not, however, correspond to the realistic size ratios.

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