Accessories for Bioresonance

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Akuport D-tec
Modular supplement to produce electronic potencies. The Akuport D-tec works in combination with other devices for bioenergetic methods - as stand-alone-version with the Vistron and Retec 2000CP or with the Akuport MR2 by plug&play system.

Electrodes and magnetic field electrodes  

Input or Output beaker

Foot electrodes, brass
1 pair, ca. 25 x 13 cm

Forehead electrode

Clamp electrode
per color (red, yellow, black, green)

Ointment electrode

Magnetic field electrode, lite

Magnetic field electrode, strong

Magnetic field mat, ca. 32 x 42cm

Resonance platelets, 50 pieces

Resonance platelets, 50 pieces, with compass

Face roller


Retec wire, screened, 2m, 1 pair

Retec wire, screened, 0,5m, 1 pair

Retec wire, screened, 0,5m
per color (red, black)

Ampoules and Bottles 

Dropping bottle, 10ml

Dropping bottle, 30ml

Globoli bottle, 10ml

Ampoules incl. lid, 2,5ml, Ø 10mm

Ampoules with rolled edge incl. lid, 2,5ml, Ø 10mm

Ampoules incl. cork lid
Ø 15mm

Ampoule-box, paperboard
for 144 ampoules of 2,5ml, Ø 10mm

Power supplies and Charger 

Information concerning power supplies and rechargers can only be provided if you give the device’s number, since these are especially designed and constructed for the individual devices. Please contact us.
We will be glad to assist you!

Other accessories  

Rubber electrodes, 1 pair, ca. 10 x 10 cm

Non-medical globoli, 1000g
size 3

Glass beaker, 50ml

Petri dish with lid

Tripod for magnetic field electrode

Si-Adapter (adapter for safety plug) for electrodes and honeycombs
per color (red, black)

Earthing strap, 1,5m

** All illustrations are shown in the best possible quality. The relative size ratios of the objects shown do not, however, correspond to the realistic size ratios.

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