HOMOPATH - Computer-aided work

Computer-aided work in alternative medicine is becoming more and more important. It simplifies the extensive documentation effort and enables effective work. Due to the elimination of many preparations, the software program is becoming more and more important by making the preparation information available digitally.

In close cooperation with experienced practitioners, physicians and software engineers, the Homopath software system was developed. It is adapted to the Kindling devices.

In addition to the proven HOMOPATH S, the latest version, HOMOPATH-Neo, has now been released.

The new HOMOPATH-Neo is here!

Let yourself be convinced by the completely renewed HOMOPATH-Neo software, equipped with many extended functions.

➥ Integrated videos regarding point localization and measuring technology
➥ Easy switching between the program parts (patient administration, measuring profile, evaluation, ...)
➥ Customizable presentation options
➥ Sort tables and lists
➥ Color differentiation of the remedies (nosodes, organ preparations, homeopathic remedies)
➥ EAV information system (meridians/EAV points/extracts from three books)

The new and extended AI functions will support your work, speed it up and make it easier!

For detailed information on the functions, working methods and update options, please contact us directly!



Do you prefer the classic? The proven software program HOMOPATH S is still available!
Please contact us for further information. 

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