Akuport MT


Modular stimulation device for the Elektroacupunctur

The Kindling Akuport MT perfects EAV treatment through immediate application with low-frequency impulses. Rectified or non-rectified sweep waves regulate and stabilise the energetic meridians in the body. The six most important, specific frequencies are available up to1/10 hz precision. Application proceeds using surface electrodes or is targeted using the stylus on the Akuport M1+. With simple attachment (plug & play), Akuport MT can be combined with the measurement device Akuport M1+ and is immediately ready to use.


Application with low-frequency electrical impulses following the standards of EAV

Kindling Akuport MT features

Low frequency applications
6 selected, specific frequencies (1.7 Hz, 2.4 Hz, 4 Hz, 6 Hz, 9.4 Hz, 10 Hz)
3 impulse forms for tonifying or sedation
Intensity regulator, continuous
*Dampened output for needle stimulation
Direct application using the stylus of the Akuport M1+
High-performance rechargeable batteries for up to 8 hours full-capacity operation
Built-in interface for easy expansion in plug & play system

Special Supplemental Options

Expandable with measurement module Akuport M1+ and with the bioresonance module Akuport MR2 in plug & play system
Extensive special accessories, e. g. for needle stimulation

Scope of Delivery

Pair of hand electrodes, brass
2 wires for hand electrodes (red, black)
2 rechargeable batteries
Operating instructions

In addition to Akuport M1+:
Wire for hand electrode (red)
2 rechargeable batteries
Operating instructions

Dimensions (WxHxD): 16x11x15cm, Weight ca. 400g


The bioresonance and the electroacupuncture acc. to Dr. Voll are classified into the field of regulative medicine.
They are alternative medical methods which are not subject of scientific research and not recognized by the teaching medicine in some countries yet.
We would like to advice you to the fact that any form of energetic treatment does in no case replace traditional medical treatment.

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