Systems for Bioresonance
The Kindling devices in our current product inventory can largely be combined with each other [Model Combinations] and connected to software program Homopath.

Kindling EASY
Systemic Functional Bioresonance

Akuport MR2
Modular device for bioresonance – as stand-alone version or in combination with the EAV measurement device Akuport M1+.

Retec 2000 CP
Software controlled bioresonance device for universal and versatile resonance application.


Akuport D-tec
The Akuport D-tec produces electronic potencies from native or virtual potencies. Can be combined with the devices Akuport MR2 and Kindling Vistron.


The bioresonance and the electroacupuncture acc. to Dr. Voll are classified into the field of regulative medicine.
They are alternative medical methods which are not subject of scientific research and not recognized by the teaching medicine in some countries yet.
We would like to advice you to the fact that any form of energetic treatment does in no case replace traditional medical treatment.

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