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Retec 2000 CP


Software-controlled bioresonance device for universal and versatile resonance application with more than 300 protocols.



Through the multi-functional setting of all parameters, the Retec 2000 C sets unique, forward-thinking standards for resonance application. It is operated in combination with an externally connected PC (Notebook). The matching software will impress you with its self-explanatory user interface and it supports the treatment process through sorted indicator lists, which can be targeted to the symptom. With the help of an optically displayed complement of electrodes and equipping the output flask, one can rapidly learn to use it. Work with multi-protocol to run down up to 5 programs automaticaly. Or use the detailed user interface to adjust all needed parameters manually. If you wish you can store them. Even the possibility of electronical potentizing is included.





Multi-protocol mode gives you the oppertunity to choose out of more than 300 protocols 5 protocols which will be executed consecutively. The multi-protocol can be stored for next session with your client.





Detail-mode for editing or creating individual protocols. Changes or settings can be reached by clicking on the switch symbol or its marking field. If a parameter unit is assigned to the switch symbol (e.g. amplifier setting) a window also opens into which the value is then written. The values can also be increased (arrow up) or decreased (arrow down) by clicking on the arrows.





Electonical potentation is valided by Dr.Würthle. By using harmonical and dis-harmonical informations potentizing up to D100 is possible.


Kindling Retec 2000CP in Therapy


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Special Supplemental Options


Scope of Delivery

1 Pair of hand electrodes, brass
1 Pair of foot electrodes, brass
1 Pair of rubber electrode
1 Magnetic field electrode, lite
1 Magnetic field electrode, strong
1 Ointment electrode
1 Magnetic field mat
2 Paar Retecleitungen 2m
2 Pairs of screened wires, 2m
3 Petri dishes

Software Retec2000pro on CD-ROM
USB wire
Medical power supply
Operating instructions

Dimensions (WxHxD): 20x8x38cm, Weight ca. 1700g