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Proton Resonance
Elektroacupuncture acc. to Dr. Voll (EAV)
Proton Resonance with the Curator   Our electroacupuncture devices offer you ease of working with EAV method at reasonable prices.   In our inventory you will find both manually controlled and computer-controlled bioresonance devices for successful use in your practice.  


Dear visitor,

With more than 35 years of experience Kindling is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality devices for Electroacupuncture acc. to Dr. Voll and Bioresonance.

On our website, we present you an overview of our products as well as contacts to qualified seminars and distributors.

Also, we offer you reliable technical service for your Kindling equipement - uncomplicated, fast and in best quality!
In view of the occasion we expand our service to devices of Pitterling.

Take a look at the product variety on our website or contact us – we will satisfy your requirements regarding the creation of the optimal workplace.

Your Kindling-Team



The bioresonance and the electroacupuncture acc. to Dr. Voll are classified into the field of regulative medicine.
They are alternative medical methods which are not subject of scientific research and not recognized by the teaching medicine in some countries yet.
We would like to advice you to the fact that any form of energetic treatment does in no case replace traditional medical treatment.