Potentizer Akuport D-tec


The Akuport D-tec produces electronic potencies from native or virtual potencies. Can be combined with the bioresonance device Akuport MR2 and the Kindling Vistron.

The Akuport D-tec produces electronic potencies that allow the user to use a wide diversity of complementary processes. With the Akuport D-tec you can determine which potency is necessary in every individual case.
The Akuport D-tec works in combination with other devices for bioenergetic methods - as stand-alone-version with the Vistron or with the Akuport MR2 by plug&play system.

Kindling Akuport D-tec features

Potency ranges: D3, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D15, D30, D60, D100, D200
Output for transfering the electronic potency to a carrier medium
Potentizing controll through LED display
Power supply from mains with medical power supply
Built-in module interface for easy expansion in a plug & play-system


Preparation of individual potencies in combination with bioenergetic methods (EAV, BFD, etc.)
Preparation of auto-nosodes (e.g. with sekrete, exkrete)

Special Supplemental Options

Plug&play-system allows supplement with the diagnosis device Akuport M1+, theray device Akuport MT and bioresonance MR2 to a complete unit
Extensive special accessories, e.g. screened output beaker

Scope of Delivery

Akuport D-tec as stand alone version with Kindling Vistron or external devices:
1 Akuport D-tec
1 Power supply
1 Connection cable (Chinch-Chinch)
1 Cover cap (in housing design)
1 operation manual

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