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Details zum Vistron


Vistron is an electroacupuncture device with a measurement and treatment component for bio-symmetrical function testing.
The laptop-like housing allows the Vistron to be comfortably transported and the folding display makes optimal positioning at your work place possible. Power is supplied as standard using a medical power supply, approved under EN 60601-1, or optionally using a 12 Volt rechargeable battery. The medical power supply is also used to recharge the battery.


Acupuncture point measurements are displayed in analogue as a bar in a light bar display or as a dot (energy saver mode). The measurement scale is divided into 0-100 lines, whereby the normal value range for points is 50-70, and that for hand measurements 80-90, both correspondingly marked.


Measurement can be taken automatically, which shows the highest value and the indicator drop, or manually. An integrated honeycomb that can be turned off or detached enables the resonance test.



Localisation of acupuncture points is affected on the LED-lighted indicator band in the stylus using a difference measurement against a previously-recorded dermal baseline. Six of the nine digits in the LED band are yellow, the rest are green. Depending on the height of the display, you move toward the point (yellow range) or if in the green range, you have exactly localised it. An acoustic signal accompanies the display and the tone pitch varies depending on the value measured.
The measurement tips on the stylus are exchangeable.

The button on the stylus allows easy switching between measurement and treatment.

Three types of impulses are available as treatment types:
1. Alternating sweep wave
2. Positive sweep wave
3. Negative sweep wave



The treatment voltage is reached from a low operating current through stepping up. The desired amplitude peak can be set with a regulator.

Safe isolation from the lighting grid is provided by the medical power supply compliant with ISO DIN 60601-1. Alternatively, the device can be operated using an optional rechargeable battery.



The control buttons for measurement (left in blue) and treatment (right in yellow) are arranged in the control component. The treatment intensity regulator is located between them.

The on/off button is green and located on the bottom right. The Vistron shuts off automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity.

The honeycomb is located on the left and can be detached or turned off at the push of a button.

Operating conditions are shown in the modern display, which can be adjusted to your optimal viewing angle: Operating functions are in white and variable functions in yellow.

Battery status is shown with a six-digit light band, depending on charge capacity. A 10-digit light band displays the intensity.

Connection ports for accessories are located on the back. These include the stylus, hand electrodes and external honeycombs. Also located there is the jack for the AC/DC converter (computer connection), the volume control and the power supply jack.

The integrated surge function serves as an amplifier for homeopathic test substances. Time and intensity are fixed pre-sets.

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